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Harris Marketing Ltd.

Harris Marketing Limited was incorporated in 1985. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality digital products and services available. Our offerings span a wide range of digital services, including gaming, virtual reality, 3D animation, web design, search engine optimization, advanced chart technical analysis, and much more.

3D Animation Bringing products and services to life.

Product Visulization

Some of our clients have innovative products that they want to showcase to their customers. Often, an explanation and a picture aren't enough. Customers need to visualize and understand how the product or service works. With our advanced 3D animation and product visualization services, we bring these products to life. Whether it's demonstrating how a product functions or highlighting custom features tailored for a specific client, our 3D animations provide a clear, engaging, and dynamic way to show your customers exactly what you offer.

Web DesignMaking you look good and helping your business grow.

Webside Development

When it comes to designing a website, it's not just about aesthetics. A beautiful website is important, but it's equally crucial that your site functions effectively for your needs. That's why we don't just create visually stunning websites; we also optimize them for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This ensures your site performs well in search engines, driving traffic and helping your business grow.

Game Design / KiosksGame devolpment and interactive displays.

Coding and Programming

In game development, our expert coders use advanced software and tools like Unreal Engine 5 to create immersive experiences. We specialize in VR environments, including MetaQuest 3, to enhance user engagement. Additionally, our team can develop interactive kiosks for dynamic customer displays.

Advanced Chart AnalysisGiving traders an edge over the competition.

Predicting markets and asset cycles

In today's market, where everyone relies on the same indicators and tools for trading, gaining an edge is crucial. Our innovative charting methods, incorporating advanced techniques like Fibonacci Circles and Fibonacci Channels, allow us to predict market movements for any asset. This gives you a competitive advantage, enabling you to make strategic moves ahead of others.

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